Elfe P2

Price for model ARC: 2.600
Price for model ARF: 3.350

Product specifications:


1:2, 1:2


5,3m, 5,3m


2,8m, 2,8m

Delivery prices:

Delivery cost priced individually.

Delivery Time:4 - 8 weeks

Elfe P2 is a Swiss glider from 1944.

Last year, our company started the project model Elfe P2. From this year, we started working on the construction of the first copy. The project was completed. The model is available for sale.

he initiator of this project is Daniel Aeberli from Switzerland. He gave us all the plans, technical documentation and profiles. At his order we do the first copies of this model.


If you want to buy this product, write to us an e-mail ([email protected]) and you place an order.


how the model performs in the air