MU-13D Atalante ARTF ready to fly

Price: 2.000

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Delivery cost priced individually.

Delivery Time:24 hours

For sale we have one model of the MU-13D Atalante ARFT with servos.This is our demonstration copy

1. The model was built in 2018. The first flight was in August 2018.

2. Model made several (5-6) demonstration flights and advertising.

3. The model is in perfect condition like new.

4. Model in version ARF, with mounted servos.

5. The model completely made of wood, plywood and balsa.

6. Wings, rudders and fuselage are covered with foil Oratex (imitating canvas) and painted , and later painted with clear lacquer.

7. The model has all the servos (7 pieces - HITEC).

8. He has made instruments.

9. The model has a chassis with a retractable wheel.

10. It has all the accessories needed to start the model.

11. The model is balanced.

12. The model is fitted brakes and tow hook.

13. Perfect for flying in thermals.

14.Original, olive painting

15. Price does not include a switch-off, receiver, transmitter and battery.


If you want to buy this product, write to us an e-mail ([email protected] and you place an order.


how the model performs in the air