IS-5 Kaczka KIT

Price: 343

Product specifications:


1:2,5, 1:2,5


4,6m, 4,6m


1,76m, 1,76m

Delivery prices:

United Kingdom30 EUR
France30 EUR
Germany25 EUR
Czech Republic25 EUR
Slovakia25 EUR
Austria25 EUR
Belgium30 EUR
Bulgaria45 EUR
Denmark45 EUR
Netherlands25 EUR
Greece50 EUR
Spain40 EUR
Ireland70 EUR
Portugal40 EUR
Hungary30 EUR
Italy30 EUR
Delivery Time:14 days

We would like to offer you the kit which provides you the opportunity to build your own Polish glider , model from 1949 with wooden construction : IS-5 Kaczka.

IS-5 Kaczka KIT
The basic set contains:
  • Set of elements cut on a CNC machine (fuselage, wings and rudders) , the construction plans (fuselage, wings and rudders) (1:1 scale), link to download photos "step by step" from the construction site.    Price 343 euros


For this set, you can also buy:

  • Stickers.  Price 35 euros
  • Set of balsa planks and set of  plywood (1 mm + 1.2 mm). Price 210 euros
  • Set of pine strips (length 1m). Price 40 euros
  • Foil on cabin. Price 12 euros
  • Complet wings of connectors and connectors rudders. Price 214 euros
  • The hinges for brakes + laminate elements rudders. Price 38 euros
  • Elements for skid. Price 18 euros
    The laminate fuselage cover. Price 27 euros
  • Kokpit KIT. Price 150 euros


If you want to buy this product, write to us an e-mail ([email protected]) and you place an order.