Elfe P2 cockpit

Price: 199

Delivery prices:

United Kingdom30 EUR
France30 EUR
Germany25 EUR
Czech Republic25 EUR
Slovakia25 EUR
Austria25 EUR
Belgium30 EUR
Bulgaria45 EUR
Denmark45 EUR
Netherlands25 EUR
Greece50 EUR
Spain40 EUR
Ireland70 EUR
Portugal40 EUR
Hungary30 EUR
Italy30 EUR
Delivery Time:24 hours

Set of elements of the cockpit Which has been Especially prepared to fit to the Elfe P2 at 1: 2 scale model from Oldgliders

The kit includes:
  1. Steering stick.
  2. Adjustable mounting for steering stick with a masking ring.
  3. Hook Lever.
  4. Mounting for hook lever.
  5. Imitation of hook Mechanism.
  6. Control Knob with mounting.
  7. Pedals.
  8. Pedals mounts with handles for springs and rudder wires.
  9. Guides for rudder wires.
  10.  Pitot Tube.
  11. A set of instruments of onboard avionics.
  12. Safety belts.
  13. The seat.
  14. Manual.
  15. The floor panel.
  16. Material for the masking and steering stick.
  17. Screws.
  18. PLEX.
It is a set of KIT. All components require gluing and painting the appropriate color.
All elements are made in the 3D printing technology with attention to the smallest detail. Parts are chemicaly smoothed. Thanks to That parts sre much smoother surfaces whitch significantly reduces the time required to prepare the parts for this painting.
If you want to buy this product, write to us an e-mail ([email protected]) and you place an order.