The models in the ARC and ARF versions that are available in stock.

1. RF4 Fournier 4,2m

Price: 1250 euros + shipping

The model completely made of wood, plywood and balsa. In all versions of the canvas is covered in its natural color. The fuselage, wings and rudders are covered Solartex and painted.  It was built 3 year ago. Model fly one season.  Model two seasons was in stock. RF4 Fournier had installed a new petrol engine, total fly of about 3 hours. It is powered glider has a very good flight. It has airbrakes mounted and mounted landing gear. Model selling with bags for wings and rudders. Everything was bought as new and is in very good condition. The model has never had a crash.
Early this year the model was replaced to cover the wings and the model has been painted in new colors. The fuselage and rudders also got a new painting. It has been prepared for the season 2016. It presents very well. In this painting he had not yet flown, are not there any traces of use, the model looks like new.
Wingspan: 4,23 m
Length: 2,16 m
Weight: 12 kg
Scale: 1:2,8
1. The model is used for one seasons.
2. The model is painted in color white – yellow.
3. It has all servos installed. It is 9 servos. All servos are working fine. Were bought new for this model.
4. The model has ROTO35 gasoline engine, aluminum spinner and propeller. The engine is 100% efficient.
5. It has a retractable front wheel, swivel wheel tail.
6. It has airbrakes mounted.
7. He has made clocks.
8. It has a battery ignition. It does not contain batteries. To run the model you need one LIPO battery 7.4 V.
9. It has a circuit breaker
10. It has a fuel tank.
11.Model covered with foil imitating canvas (Solartex).
12. Painted on a semi-mat, car paints.
13. The model is completely ready to fly.
14. You can do the basic aerobatic figures.
15. Bags for the model are already in the price.